Prefabricated Building Making Crusher

Mobile prefabricated building making crusher production line

The mobile prefabricated building making crusher line is made up of crushing machines, screening machines and auxiliary equipment. The difference with the various forms of fixed building waste disposal lines is that these mechanical devices are installed on one or more dedicated chassis. Mobile construction waste treatment production line has been in the domestic ore crushing, construction waste disposal and other fields are widely used.

Mobile prefabricated building making crusher production line process

After the demolition of the building by the demolition of construction waste, the pretreatment, to reach the crusher into the particle size, the excavator sent to the vibrating feeder, small waste by the feeder pre-screening after discharge, Crusher crusher, counter-break out of the material belt conveyor placed above the iron, the separation of construction waste in the steel, after the material into the mobile sieve screening site, anise back to break the broken , a small material by the belt conveyor To the finished material pile.

Cooperative service model:

  1. Mode 1: You buy a full set of equipment, equipped with the operator. We provide full training to ensure that you can use it immediately.
  2. Mode 2: You buy a full set of equipment, we provide skilled operators, reduce your operator training work.
  3. Mode 3: strategic cooperation model, we provide equipment and operators, you only need to recycle products can be recycled. We do not need equipment investment, we are at risk with you.

Performance of mobile building waste treatment line

Mobile prefabricated building making crusher production line in addition to feeding system, broken system, screening system, transportation system, according to the mobility of mobility, equipped with self-sufficient power plant. According to the different crushing process, the structure of the equipment is also different.

  1. To improve the utilization of equipment, with mobility, with the site together to extend;
  2. Save production costs: reduce the high cost of construction waste transport;
  3. Easy to install: save the basic cost of installation and installation of manpower;
  4. Easy maintenance: can be checked directly to the repair shop repair;
  5. Simplify the production process: along with the mining surface to move forward, simplifying the transport links.

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