New Type of Raymond Mill Use and Maintenance

Following Raymond machine is one of the crusher, Raymond mill the most competitive products of mining machinery, small generation of Raymond machine dust, low noise, and the area is also small, Raymond machine not only in energy efficiency has been greatly improved, environmental protection has also done very comprehensive. But if usually used improperly, can also cause some unnecessary trouble. Specifically, we analyze the following common questions:

  1. Feeding uneven or excessive feed machines are often caused by blockage, it is recommended to use the opportunity to avoid automatic feeding.
  2. Poor exhaust pipe, so that the main motor heat circulating air temperatures, fan current decline.
  3. Dedusting equipment malfunction: baghouse mainly for increased airflow circulating air flow, air flow while removing dust particles will increase the amount of exhaust air from the plane after purification, when baghouse dust can not be normal operations, a lot of dust it is easy to form the accumulation of particulate material in the duct, causing resistance to blockage from mill circulating duct.
  4. Grinding material moisture or viscosity is too large, illiquid materials, moisture content directly affects productivity and efficiency, but the material is too wet will lead to cutting hard, sticky wall, clogging pipes, feed opening is not smooth and so on.
  5. Fans appear abnormal, the circulating air blower is mainly provided inside the Raymond, circulating air can carry material particles after grinding through the duct into the analysis machine for sorting materials. Voltage instability may cause abnormal blowers, blower airflow abnormalities cause instability, the material can not be evenly into the classifier in accordance with procedures, resulting in the fan duct blockage.

The new Raymond during use, to keep the maintenance, in order to better play to its performance, make full use of its own energy to achieve the best performance, thereby achieving high efficiency, low energy consumption.

  1. First, Raymond before installing the operator must conduct a comprehensive technical training to understand the principles of performance of Raymond, familiar rules. Also during the operation must be supervised, and have a certain level of expertise.
  2. Secondly, the new Raymond in use for some time, the need for maintenance, while the replacement of wearing parts to be checked to see Rose,, is loose, whether to add a little oil.
  3. Thirdly, we should develop appropriate equipment for safe operation and maintenance system, in order to ensure long-term safe operation Raymond, is also to be equipped with a set of maintenance tools, accessories and lubricants, so as not to affect the normal maintenance, to save time.
  4. Fourth, when Raymond about 500 hours in use need to replace the roller bearings should be cleaned of all, the damaged part to be replaced, you can use the factory refueling customized grease gun.
  5. Finally, according to the order when you stop, the first stop feeding, the host continues to rotate, the residual materials continue grinding, about one minute after the host can turn off the motor, and finally stop the new Raymond machine motor fan motor and analysis.

Just follow the above points, we can extend the new Raymond maintenance cycle, reducing maintenance rate, reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency.

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