Granite Aggregate Grinding Machine

Granite introduction

Granite refers to uniaxial compressive strength limit saturated humidity rock specimen (specimen diameter of 7 ~ 10CM, the same height and diameter) greater than 29.4 × 103kPa (such as granite, basalt; magmatic rocks: iron, calcium quality cemented conglomerate, sandstone, limestone, argillaceous limestone, dolomite and other sedimentary rocks; gneiss, quartzite, marble, slate and other metamorphic rocks), to abrasive wear parts is very high. Therefore, granite aggregate grinding machine production line design should be reasonable, taking into account not only the cost of investment projects broken, also taking into account operating costs.

Granite aggregate grinding machine production line basic flow

Stone by vibrating feeder evenly sent coarse jaw crusher broken, broken after crude material by belt conveyor into the crushing aggregate grinding machine for further crushing, crushed material is transported to the vibrating screen for screening to achieve the required product size material transport by belt conveyor to the finished product stockpile; does not meet the size requirements of the finished material screening returns breaking or crushing cone break from vibration machining, forming a closed loop. Finished size according to the needs of users combined and graded.

Granite Crushed Stone Crusher Line Performance

The granite aggregate grinding machine production line high degree of automation, high crushing ratio, low operating cost, energy-saving and environmental protection, uniform particle size, grain shape is good, with the management. This production line is mainly based on rock hardness and size of the customer's requirements to be, depending on the production site, we provide a comprehensive process solutions and technical support for customers, also according to the customer's actual installation conditions supporting the design of non-standard parts, etc.

Granite Crushed Stone Crusher line maintenance points

  1. Newly installed tire prone to loosening must always be checked
  2. Note that the various parts of the machine is working properly
  3. Pay attention to check the degree of wear parts wear, and pay attention to the replacement of worn parts.
  4. Release of the active device chassis plane should avoid activities out dust and other materials bearing can not move on the bottom shelf, so that a serious accident could not have broken the machine materials.

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