SCM Series

SCM Ultrafine Mill

Product Features: Ultrafine powder, wide applications, excellent environmental effect
  • Input Size: 0-20mm
  • Capacity: 0.5-25T
  • Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

SCM Ultrafine Mill Works

The SCM Ultrafine Mill host motor through reducer drive spindle and layers turntable rotates the turntable driven by dozens of studs ring roller mill ring raceway scroll and rotate. Bulk material by hammer crusher into small particles by elevator into the storage hopper, electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly to the material on the turntable in the middle, to the circle surrounding bulk material under the action of centrifugal force, and ring rolling mill to be falling within the ring raceway stamping, roll grinding, grinding and grinding, materials are crushed and then fall into the first layer of the second layer and the third layer, high pressure centrifugal blower suction outside air sucked into the machine and after a meal with a third layer of crushed powder machine within selected. Within the vortex separator rotating turbine disturbs the coarse material down regrinding, powder into the air into the cyclone powder collector by the lower part of the discharge valve discharge is finished, and a small amount of air with fine dust after the pulse filter for purifying exhaust through the fan and muffler.

Our company can provide customers recommend SCM ultrafine mill models and specifications in accordance with the actual needs of customers, can also design custom mill in accordance with the special requirements of customers, and provide customers with mill production line design process, the real satisfaction for the customer to design a reasonable production line. And training for customers milling machine operation and maintenance technicians to master certain technical knowledge and equipment maintenance skills. All that does not charge customers any fees.

Typical Case

SCM8021 mill line. Zhejiang, a superfine flour Ltd., the company responsible Sunzong ultrafine mill industry in more than ten years, the supply of finished products to more than 160 manufacturers; SCM8021 ultrafine mill purchased from our company.

Production Situation

  1. Day Running: 11 hours
  2. Feed: calcite, limestone, diameter 200-400mm, the mill hosts 25mm diameter less than or equal
  3. Finished Product: 600-1250 mesh ultra-fine powder


Technical data

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