Raymond Series

Raymond Mill

Applications: Metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials, mining, pharmacy, cosmetics and other fields
  • Moh’s hardness below Grade 7
  • Moisture below 8%
  • Non-combustible and non-explosive
  • Feed size ranging from 40 to 400meshes

In the grinding powder production, the service life of Raymond mill depends on Raymond mill parts wear degree, upgrading of Raymond mill parts is very normal laws of nature. So Raymond mill in use process, Raymond mill parts must have professional operation personnel supervision, and they also need technical training before mount guard, can be very familiar with the performance of the Raymond mill and standard operation procedures.

Raymond mill is composed of multiple Raymond mill parts, each of the components in the Raymond mill plays an indispensable role in the specification, and so less which parts, Raymond mill will be unable to run normally. Mill are the core parts of grinding roller and grinding ring, assembly, at the same time the parts are wearing parts, once do not pay attention to maintenance will have serious consequences, especially the main shaft fracture can lead to production, production loss can't estimate. If the spindle is fracture during work time, threatens the safety of the staff of the problem in the first place. Will be according to Raymond mill when buy so good instruction to check the quality of the roller, in case the quality do not pass premature failure.


Choose the Raymond mill powder machine, preferred to understand what are you going to purchase equipment belongs to the category, what kind of design principle, the effect of the function of Raymond mill powder, so choose device would with your request production, product grade, such as grading phase close to. Second, the user should choose equipment to test for you to prepare, examines the role of a considerable, mainly displays in: equipment installation, debugging convenient, one time, for you because of the host plant auxiliaries are tested and in good, is very suitable on production line, production line put into production after can very well meet the requirements of your production purposes. Buy good equipment for powder manufacturers, is a matter of time to save manpower.

Typical Case

SCM8021 mill line. Zhejiang, a superfine flour Ltd., the company responsible Sunzong ultrafine mill industry in more than ten years, the supply of finished products to more than 160 manufacturers; SCM8021 ultrafine mill purchased from our company.

Production Situation

  1. Day Running: 11 hours
  2. Feed: Calcite, limestone, particle size of 200-400 - mm, into the mill host particle size less than or equal to 25 mm
  3. Finished Product: 600-1250 mesh ultra-fine powder


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