Large Crawler Construction Waste Crusher Equipment

Large crawler construction garbage recycling crusher equipment

With the depletion of natural sand, the broken aggregate of stone has become the main source of sand and gravel aggregate, but it also sounded the alarm for us, the resources are limited, and the recycling of resources has become a variety of industries. Target, and for the sand and gravel market, the recycling of construction waste has become one of the more promising industries. The advanced large-scale crawler construction waste recycling crusher has become the main equipment for treating construction waste.

Construction waste recycling is imperative, how can we reduce the large crawler construction waste recycling crusher equipment?

Construction waste recycling is imperative

In the past, construction waste was a problem that had long plagued people. With the acceleration of urbanization, construction waste has grown exponentially. In the context of environmental protection and depletion of resources, construction waste recycling is imperative.

In addition, due to the large demand for sand and gravel aggregates in the market, the shortage of supply, the price of aggregates has risen all the way, and because the construction waste materials are relatively cheap, the value of the crushed equipment has been turned over several times, but the overall price Relative to the market aggregate price is about 20% lower, but the quality is not much worse, so it is still more popular with the aggregate market.

Large crawler construction garbage recycling crusher equipment

  1. The walking system adopted by the large crawler construction garbage recycling crusher equipment is controlled by the load sensitive pump + proportional valve group, which can realize automatic deviation correction and stepless speed change during walking, and has flexible turning and strong climbing;
  2. The whole crawler construction waste crusher equipment body design is relatively compact, such as the use of multiple hydraulic folding mechanism to ensure convenient and fast switching of transportation or working conditions; high quality integrated conveyor belt, durable and easy to run off, small footprint, convenient transition And transportation;
  3. The whole vehicle can be equipped with PLC control system, which provides intelligent and more efficient output, and can also be operated by wireless remote control, which can reduce equipment operators. Moreover, for more remote areas, remote after-sales guidance can be used, to a larger extent. Reduce user losses.

The crawler construction waste crusher equipment generally uses the crawler jaw crusher and the crawler counter crusher to work together. The crawler jaw crusher is equipped with a iron remover, and the construction waste must have iron products such as iron wire and steel bars to break the iron. After that, even if the remaining small iron wire or block has less influence on the counter crusher, and the counter crusher adopts the striking crushing mode, the crushed material has a better grain shape and meets the requirements of the aggregate used in the building.

mobile crusher

Large crawler construction garbage recycling crusher equipment price

In fact, the more expensive in the mobile crushing equipment is the crawler crusher equipment, but in terms of performance, advancement and benefits brought about by the use, it is also the top. In addition, because the cost of its entire configuration is not low, it is generally recommended to use a large model, the large model is more cost-effective.

Although we understand that its overall price is not low, but the specific amount depends on the user's specific configuration and the purchase of that manufacturer. The market price is about 500,000 to 3 million.

First look at the configuration, some screening machines are directly equipped with a crawler mobile rack with the crushing equipment, but for some large construction waste plants, the screening machine can also be equipped with a crawler mobile rack alone, so different user configurations are different The price is different.

Another one is the manufacturer. Although there are not many manufacturers that can produce crawler mobile crushers on the market, there are also large manufacturers that can be produced. Due to the different technologies, production processes and materials used by different manufacturers, the equipment is produced. The quality is also different. The cost of equipment manufacturers is different, and the price is naturally different.

In summary, large-scale crawler construction waste recycling crusher equipment is a promising investment, both national support, efforts for sustainable development of resources, and a high-yield industry, its price is affected by the configuration and manufacturers, if you If you want to know the specific price, you can consult our online customer service for free.

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